The Carey Gabay Way

Before I got on the road on Sunday, I made a point to stop by the corner of Clinton Avenue and Myrtle in Clinton Hill Brooklyn where my friend, Carey Gabay, was being honored. Eight months after his passing, a portion of the street where he once lived has been co-named “Carey Gabay Way.” People … More The Carey Gabay Way

Uberlicious Shenanigans: The Homies & The Blue Velvet Cake

One of my craziest Uberlicious moments happened one afternoon when I picked up these young hood dudes with time to waste and treats to share! When I arrived they were sitting on the stoop with Pops who came down to cordially introduce himself. He apologized for his inability to join us on the ride, which, in hindsight, … More Uberlicious Shenanigans: The Homies & The Blue Velvet Cake

Lady Cab Driver

  It always cracks me up when someone is excited by having a lady Uber driver. It happens about twice a week that a person gets in and makes some type of grandiose, hype exclamation that I’m ubering them around the city. I get everything from “Wow… I’ve never had a lady Uber driver!” to … More Lady Cab Driver