Uberlicious Jams: Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

Back in April, I wrote a review of the album SOUND & COLOR by Alabama Shakes for the online publication Pop Magazine. I didn’t realize it then, so early in the year, but now that we are in the last few weeks of 2015, I’ve realized that not only is S&C one of my top albums of the year*, but one that I really love playing while I Uber passengers around town.



Not to be over the top with enthusiasm about how well it is produced, but the entire album is sonically pleasing to listen to. Before, I was listening on my headphones, which aren’t premium – if you know what I mean – and even then I loved what I heard. But there’s something about the sound system of a car that makes music sound (and feel) SO all encompassing and MOVING.


I’ll play the whole thing on repeat for hours…days…., and as customers get in and out of my car, I can tell that they are really vibing with and digging the music. Someone recently asked what I was listening to, and of course I was all excited to tell them about Brittany Howard and Alabama Shakes!  If you haven’t heard them yet, definitely check out Sound & Color on Spotify or Tidal.

*Yes, Sound & Color is my FAVORITE album of 2015 – along with Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly, but I have yet to listen to Adele’s 25, which I should get around to hearing pretty soon.


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