Aren’t Drunk Uber Passengers The Best?

In other Uber news:

That moment when Uber credits you for $200 because a drunk passenger who got too turnt up at a bat mitzvah on a Sunday night threw up out of the side of your ride, literally around the corner from her destination….. and you had to clean it up. O_o  


It was so surreal because she was totally jovial and lively when she got in, which I read as “buzzed.” It didn’t seem like she would end up hurling before reaching her destination, and certainly without some sort of warning on her part. But, that just means I wasn’t paying as much attention to what was going on in the backseat as I should have been. Thinking back, I do remember hearing certain sounds, hiccups maybe, that would indicate that she was likely getting a bit woozy. Then factor in the speed of the car, the twist and turns of the road, the sensation from the street lamps, and that’s basically a recipe for disaster for a person who’s had three too many cocktails!

You should have seen how I quickly I pulled over like, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! OPEN. THE. DOOR. RIGHT NOW! …..Lol (I can laugh about it at this point.) Thank God that she actually managed to get MOST (*blech*) of the projectile out onto the ground. Miraculously, nothing was on my seats or floor. I still had to clean the entire side panel on my backseat door, which is plastic or enamel or something.

So, a bright side, glass half full way of looking at it is that the chick basically vomited cash money into my account.

So yeah, that happened.

Next time a person is drunk, I will definitely have to pay more attention to their state throughout the ride, and even choose to drive in the lane closer to the sidewalk in case I need to stop and let them out. Plus, it would be helpful to have a few of those airplane sick bags that people use when they get nauseous while flying. ANYTHING to lessen the likelihood of this happening again!


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