Oh, The Things You’ll See!


You’ll be seeing great sights!
— Dr. Seuss

Now that I’m on the road most days out of the week, I have the privilege of seeing some of the greatest views NYC has to offer. Whether landscape, cityscape, urban art or people in cool vehicles, I am quick to break out my camera and snap a quick pic in between Uber pick ups!

Uber Belt Parkway
The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge as seen from from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.


Uber motorbike badass
A Bed-Stuy Brooklyn woman riding her big girl big wheel home after work!


Uber double rainbow
It’s not often that you see a rainbow in Queens, so this DOUBLE RAINBOW was super rare but incredibly welcomed!


red ferrari
The Game and Diddy’s “Standing On Ferraris” started playing in my mind when I saw this ride in Long Island!


Uber Donald Trump
No Caption Needed! Seen at Putnam Avenue and Malcolm X in Bed-Stuy.


Uber positive outlook
All arrows in Manhattan point to the right direction!



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