Uberlicious Jams: Janet Jackson – Unbreakable

Spending so many hours in my car throughout the day, it’s essential to have a playlist of inspired riding music. About a month into driving Uber, Janet’s latest album, Unbreakable, was released. I really didn’t anticipate much from the album, but who was I kidding, knowing that Janet with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is always a win! After the first listen on Tidal, I realized that this would be the perfect soundtrack during afternoon drives to the city on the Grand Central Parkway or cruising with passengers down Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.

Album cover of Unbreakable, Janet Jackson's eleventh studio album.
Album cover of Unbreakable, Janet Jackson’s eleventh studio album. Looking forward to her Barclays Center appearance in February 2016!

In addition to the radio singles “No Sleeep” and “Unbreakable”, I really dig “Dammn Baby”, “The Great Forever” (on which she sounds just like Michael at the top of the song), “Broken Hearts Heal”, “Dream Maker/Euphoria”, and the Jackson 5 vibe hit “Gon’ B Alright”.

The cool thing is that the music really is a positive mood enhancer for my passengers when they get in for their ride. I’ve had clients that were a little wired when I arrived, but once they’ve gotten in and I turn on Janet, the music really settles their temporary state for the duration of the ride. Some remark that they haven’t heard the new album, and others sit back and sing along. At least once I had a group of four gay guys get in, and one demanded I turn the volume all the way up on “Shoulda Known Better” so he could rock out, twice in a row! “Turn it up, guuurrrlll! That’s my JAM!” And I feel him… I’ve already got my tickets for the Unbreakable Tour 2016 which hits the Barclays Center on February 22nd! I can’t wait to “Burnitup”!


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