That Time I Almost Picked Up Kendrick Lamar (or so I thought!)

A couple of weeks ago I decided to roll out for a few hours in Brooklyn, and fortuitously enough (or at least I thought so at time!) the first request I got was to pick up a “Kendrick”. I looked at my tablet like, OMG!!!! IS KENDRICK LAMAR IN THE STUY RIGHT NOW??????? I knew that he had recently been on Late Night with Steven Colbert and had an upcoming show at Barclays Center, but as far as being in New York right at that moment, I hadn’t heard anything. Meanwhile, I couldn’t get over there quick enough! All I know is, I hit that corner toward the destination and stopped like, WHERE KENDRICK AT!????, bumping “Alright” in total stan mode!

Uber KendrickTurns out my passenger was Kendrick Not-Lamar. No K-Dot. K-Not! Total mistaken identity on my part!! But, he was super cool about my disappointment in him being Kendrick-Somebody-Else. And during his ride we talked about West Coast rap, Straight Outta Compton the movie, NWA, and the fact that he’s 26 and only just heard The Chronic for the first time on Spotify in 2008 despite being a fan of Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. (Total LOL moment between us!) It’s okay, though, we all gotta be somebody, even if we’re not our famous namesake!

So, I’m sending this out to the universe! Next time Kendrick Lamar is in NYC and needs an Uber… I GOT HIM! 


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