Welcome to Uberlicious★NYC!

Uber sunny daySo, I’m FlyMai coming to you straight out of Brooklyn…. by way of Cali…. having lived abroad for a little bit, but genuinely loving NYC! Now that I’m just a few days shy of my first month as an Uber driver in NYC, I thought it would be cool to document some of the interesting moments of my days navigating the streets with my special passengers. To start off, I am not a “professional” driver, nor have I ever expressed interest in becoming one. I do, however, love catching taxis and hiring car service, so it provides a certain irony every time a passenger refers to me as a cab driver, though I suppose it’s semantics. But I certainly don’t think I fall under the category of taxi driver, as there are certain checks, balances and training that I imagine comes with the official title. I’m just a girl who decided a few months ago to get herself an SUV and hack license in the likelihood that a bunch of strangers — she thinks of as friends, by the way — needed her to drop them off a few places on days when she was willing to get on the road.

2015-09-29 16.30.03

It was quite the whirlwind eight weeks from taking the first steps to getting my TLC license to purchasing a vehicle to opening my own business account. But, suffice it to say, I’m really glad I decided to take the gamble and try this out for a while.

More on my decision to drive Uber in my next post! Until then….. be safe out there on these mean streets of NYC! ★


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